10 Restaurants you must visit in Lahore

The word “Lahori” describes everything. People in Lahore are famous for their love of food. Every Lahori keeps the best choice, especially for food. They want to visit the place where they can get toothsome food. Today I will share with you the pre-eminent restaurants, where you can have jubilant experience. The restaurants are famous for their perfect ambiance. The citizens of Lahore covet for the news places where they can get the sublime quality of food. If you are looking for the ultra best one restaurant then you are in the right place. The selection of the restaurants is made after proper research and review of people visiting there.  Therefore there is no doubt left behind in visit them.


Lakhnavi has been located in Avari Lahore. You can get desi food here. It gives you the temptation lingering effect that you will get in no other restaurant.  Make your mind someday to visit there. You will forget any other restaurant.


Pompei is a foremost restaurant of Lahore. It has branches in Karachi but they have opened their food hub in Lahore too.  The dishes provided here are appetizing.

Freddy’s Café:

It is located on one of the busiest roads of Lahore MM Alam. You can get Thai, continental and afghani food here. The place is must to try if you are in Lahore.

Food Street Anarkali:

How you can forget the old Lahore. The street is full of hotels and they provide eminent cuisines and fresh food. After visiting the place you came to know about the heritage, tradition and historical importance of the city. This is the right place for you if you want the desi food.


Covo is Italian cuisine. It is the foremost restaurant of Pearl continental Lahore. The relaxed ambiance of the restaurant is famous. You can get the delicious dishes here.

Café Aylanto:

It comes with international and Mediterranean recipes.  It is located on the MM Alam Road Lahore. The environment is quite nice and comfortable.  You will love its interior décor and you will love to have a candle light dinner here.


If you love sushi then this is the place to visit. You will love the food provided here.  This restaurant got good ranking in the Lahore restaurants.

The Cube:

This restaurant is located in Nishat hotel.  We can see that they have changed the entire menu of it. You can imagine a restaurant that has brought foreign chefs. You will encounter with fully trained staff members. It is quite sure that you will have exuberant experience there.

Guys do visit these restaurants and let us know about your views.