Audionic - The Sound Master founded in 2004, started his journey to accomplish the mission, where to provide the best multimedia products all over the world in best range. During his journey to conquer the world by offering best, Audionic-the sound master got the honor to be awarded as Brand of the year in 2009 and, awarded as the "Best Consumer Choice in 2010." After the 12 years of the success, Audionic remains best to deliver best as customer demands for and now in 2016, become the Sound of Nation! The mission of Audionic is to build long term and loyal relationship with customer's support and aim to maximize the business potential by the combination of best quality in speakers, services, creative market innovation and cost effective price.

Best Products by Audionic-The Sound Master

Audionic Personal Audio

Audionic thinks accordingly to customer's needs, requirements and demand, and then introduce products according to them. In Personal Audio category, Audionic has the broad range of personal audio gadgets as some of them are Earphones, Microphones, Neckbands and Headphones. The specifications of personal audio vary as per the need of clientele and provide them with the best gadget as they need!

Audionic Portable Audio

Portable audio speakers are designed uniquely with specs of portable and chargeable speakers that will deliver the best sound around you and pleasant of music surrounds yourself. In portable audio, two categories fall into it. One is Laptop Speakers and second is Mobile Speakers.

Audionic Multimedia Speakers

Audionic multimedia speakers have the beautiful range of speakers as these are the products by Audionic. Multimedia Speaker series fall into many other subcategories, and those are Reborn Series, Classic Masti Series, 2.0 Alien Channel Speakers Series, 2.1 Channel Speakers Series, 5.1 Channel Speakers Series and BlueTune Wireless Speaker Series.

Audionic Classic Multimedia Speakers

Classic Multimedia Speakers fall into one section, named 2.0 Channel Speakers with multi-range of speaker products in this section, differentiate from other 2.0 classic products by the specification, sounds quality, sound range and built-in functions. Most of the speakers in Classic Multimedia range have Bluetooth support, Remote control access, Built-in FM radio, USB supported, SD card, HI-FI Sub-woofer and speaker inches according to the customers need.  

Audionic takes 12 years to find the actual value, and real destination Audionic deserves for. When Audionic started his journey, at that time he only had the mission and a way to conquer, but now Audionic has the sound of Nation of himself. Audionic is still committed to providing best according to the need and demand of customers and always look forward to the long-term and loyal relationship by offering best.