Beech Tree is a clothing brand, and it was launched in March 2010, Beech Tree is a bulk-produced prêt variety enthusiastic to creating stunning ready to wear attire for everybody. Beech Tree outfit embody the grace and sophistication of lofty outline trend. They direct an exclusive color palette, an extensive range of designs and eminence fabric that put into your delicate sense of style.

Beech Tree came into being when HKB, the parent company, recognized a very important gap in the women prêt market. The trademark seeks harbor from the tedium of high-street fashion. It takes intended, yet imaginative, risks to bring rather new to the desk every time. Beech Tree is a brand that is always making exclusive designs, bringing onward at least 5 to 6 new designs every week. Beech Tree designs are centered on what the people want and how they want it. This is one of the reasons as to why people love us! Their clothes are a unique mixture of color, style, and erudition; one that has never been explored previously.