Borjan Shoes is a renowned shoe brand in the country that is putting an extraordinary impression into footwear fashion. The brand is serving the footwear industry for almost 20 years. It is offering shoes for both men and women segment for every season and occasion including formal, casual and fancy wear.

Borjan is a word taken from German dictionary which means happy, and the brand is doing the same by providing quality, creativity, innovation and style with an urban touch.  Borjan is relatively contemporary shoe brand composed by style and casual talent that gives an iconic ease with a touch of design and elegance. A Pleasing of fashion, style, and essence of modernity has made the Borjan a leading brand among others.

The brand not only provides shoes but also offers stylish and gorgeous bags for different events like home functions, parties, wedding or some other gatherings. The brand is a blend of creativity, quality, craftsmanship and technology and knows what customers want. Borjan is the name that understands what a client will wear reflects his personality and a way to express his style.

Borjan comes up with new shoe design for every season; in an assortment of colour, style, and sizes. These shoes are indicated to add a cuff of class and complexity to the whole feeling of the person who wears it. The women shoe range include flats, high shoe,  heels, sandals, pumps, sleepers, fancy shoes, chappals, sandals and many other different types of shoes.

Borjan is not only figuring to the fashion sense globally but also bringing international trends and styles to keep their clients with updated style pace. Borjan is one the top ten best footwear brands in Pakistan, and it is not only a shoe brand it likewise offers hauls and different flounces for young girls and ladies.

Borjan brand range mainly consists of four famous labels of shoes for seasonal, occasional and formal functions including skywalk, Gig, Digger, and Matilla. All these labels further provide different shoes like comfortable, and foot- friendly summer anatomic heals that gives an updated and classy appearance.

Borjan Women Footwear Collection

It has one of the largest women footwear products in his wardrobes & online shop, and the categories are Casual, Wedding, Traditional and Party Wear.

Casuals are the perfect wear which you can use in your regular days as well function. The products it has in casual wear section are Chappals, Slippers and Sandals which offers the bright colours and best fit in today's design as well. Moccs are the close casual shoes ready to wear leather products that you can carry with jeans and tights as well. Court Shoes are the winter products which they are providing the full range, and the colours are Black, White, Red, Skin, Textured, Red & Black, Mustard and much more.

The collection of wedding wear offers the best standout footwear collection for any function, party or special occasion as it has the embellishing colours and elegant designs in his wedding footwear range. The vibrant colours are Golden, Black, Silver, Dark and Light Pink. The styles which include in wedding section are Heels and Flats.

Mules are too much in nowadays as all these products are closed from the front and opened from the back and available in flat styles which are easy to wear and comfortable for feet.

Peep Toes are best fit to keep your differentiate from others for any occasion as the style, design and colour help you to meet the fashion wear requirements.

The collections of Sports Footwear are well known because of its level of comfort, design and colours. With Borjan Sports Footwear, you can conquer any stage of life without any hassle. Wedges are best to wear for any party or function as it offers the best contrast with any suits as well the curves and smooth synergic leather will give you best level of comfort.

Everyone loves to wear the tradition of his country and Borjan has the broad range of Traditional products such as Kohla Puri, Kohati, Peshawari and Khussa. All these products have traditional touch, embellish colours which will keep you ahead in tradition, culture and fashion. The designs include in part products are Heels and Flat. The other remaining products which remain to tell are Boots & Uggs, Comfort and Pumps.

Borjan Men Footwear Collection

Borjan has an extensive range of Men Footwear in his wardrobes such as Formals, Casuals, Part Wear and Wedding Collection.

Formals Footwear

Formals are an essential wear to complete the personality of Men, and Borjan knows well about, so they offer the best designs and colour contrast for competing for the requirements. In the Formal section, the further designs are Lace Ups and Slip Ons.  All these collections have a leather upper material and rubber sole which gives you the best level of comfort as well style at the same time.

Casual Footwear

The best shoe you can wear at any occasion or functions is casual shoes which you can carry with any formal as well casual dressing. The collections fall into Casual section are Sandals, Slippers, Moccs, Driving Moccs, Sporty Shoes and Peshawari Chappals. The next segment is Party, where Lace ups and Slip ups products are showcasing at stores.

Wedding Footwear

The products which complete a groom are footwear, so the expertise of Borjan’s Footwear mainly focuses on the material, stitching and designs of wedding products. The product ranges in this section are Lace ups and Slip Ons, where the professionals of Borjan Shoes displaying the best designs and colour contrast.

Borjan Jewellery Products

Women are the most precious creature in the world and Jewellery add more shine to her beauty so, show off some sophistication with the elegant collection of Borjan Jewellery. It offers the best range of ornaments to enhance the beauty of women in a particular manner.

Rings used to show love for someone who is always in your heart, and Borjan has best pieces of designs in his wardrobes with shining stones such as Red, Green, Blue, Silver, Black, Golden, Sea Blue and much more designs and colours are showcasing in stores.

The fashion of carrying Brooches in too much in nowadays and Borjan offers some best pieces of Brooches in his shop. The perfect appealing styles of Brooches are Cute Butterfly, Elegant Bow-Shaped, Butterfly with white stones and Ethnic styles.

Bracelets are the perfect products to complete the ethnic as well western look in every function or evening party, and the stylish collection of Borjan helps you to show off your beauty with elegant designs. Some of a perfect collection and colours are Black & Gold Bracelet, Golden Coloured Bracelet, Classy Golden Bracelet, Silver Bracelet, Butterfly Bracelet, Watch Bracelet and Unique Red & White Bracelet.

If you want to feel perfect and unique in every gathering, then don't forget to buy the elegant and embellish range of Borjan Earrings. Jewellery is compulsory products which keep you satisfy and confident in every gathering. The range of Borjan Earrings are Gold Studs, Captivating Danglers, Blue Flower Earrings, White & Green Studs, Purple Flower Styles Danglers, Fancy Earrings, Chic & Appealing Studs with Pearl Stopper, Peacock Studs, Funky Owl Earrings and beautiful range of  Fancy Danglers are showcasing in stores.

If you are one of those who looks perfect in every gathering, function or occasion then just ones you try the Elegant, Classy and Crafty Collection of Borjan Necklaces. They will add bling to your styles, and looks and most featured products are Gold Coloured Necklace, Unique Style Necklace with Bead and Feather sting. Black Pendent with Zircons, Multi Colour Shaded Necklace, Funky Necklace, Pink Necklace, Tribal Design Necklace and Alloy Style Necklace.

Borjan Essentials

Borjan has some classy products in his Men Essential's section and products are Belts, Cufflinks and Wallets. These are some compulsory products which complete the personality of Men, and without these products, you feel uncomfortable and empty.

Belts are must have accessory which helps you to make a distinct style statement and complement your personality. The extensive range of Borjan Collection will allow you to make the contrast with different pants and shirts. The classic leather belts with the various style of buckles keep your personality complete. Some of the classy colours are Black, Brown, Dark Brown, Textured Brown and Shinny Black with different buckle styles.

Borjan Cufflinks will add a touch of class and charm to your personality and formally dressed up styles. Whether you are preparing for your conference or formal party, these cufflinks will add more grace to your personality.

If you are one of those, who demands perfection and didn't compromise over quality then all you need to look at the antique wallets collection by Borjan. Premium Leather quality wallets stitched by the expertise of Borjan and stylish cuts will give you best comfort and satisfaction level. Borjan wallets are more competent to hold your cards, cash and other valuable products in one safe place - your wallet.

Women Scarf

The fashion to carry the scarves is too much in, and it offers the ethnic touch into your personality as well. Borjan has some elegant and pleasant colour tone of scarves which will add styles to your looks and personality. The collection has light touch tone as well dark colours which you can carry with different styles of Apparels in the formal as well casual functions. The displaying colours are Froze, Orange, Multi, Black & White, Red, Yellow, Blue, Navy Blue and Pink are some classy colours from them. The different styles and designs are available such as Plain, Liner, Textured and Layered.

Borjan Bags

Nowadays, bags are not just to carry essential products such as Makeup products, Mobile, Keys, etc. But it used to complete your personality and gives you best class. The design range, Borjan has in his wardrobes are broad such as Boxy, Clutches, Shoulder Bags and Wallets.

Boxy Bags have some deep space which helps you to carry more products in your bag, and the colours range are Red, Black & Skin, Pink, Floral, Blue, Multi-shaded, Black, White & Blue, White & Black and Purple.

Borjan has some antique piece of Clutched for Brides as well who love ancient products. One of the most featured clutches is Black & Gold trendy outfit, Stone Clutch, Stylish Horse Clutch, Golden Shimmery Clutch and Delight Bird Shape Clutch.

Shoe Brands

It is not only offering the products which made by the expertise of Borjan but also provides some best brand's products in outlets. The Brand's products, you can shop from Borjan Outlets are;

1- Borjan

2- Gig

3- Digger

4- Skywalk

5- Adda

6- Nayza

All these brands offer the best products with classic colour tone and a class of art stitched by the expertise. The section of Gig is having the fabulous range of Formal Shoes which will mark style statement to your personality. The next Brand is Digger, where the premium leather quality of shoes is displaying in this section. Skywalk and Adda have also offering best designs and products for Men and Women whether Nayza has sports products for Men & Women. 

A premium shoe brand, Borjan came into existence almost 20 years ago in 1995 and offering an extensive range of products from shoes to essentials, bags and scarves as well. It becomes the world-class manufacturer of the private label and branded footwear provider not just in Pakistan but many other countries as well. The aim, Borjan is following since 1995, to deliver the best products which meet the high standards of style. Now, it becomes the largest retail chain having 100 outlets in 60 cities of Pakistan and meets the standards of customers. The expertise of Borjan works hard to innovate the best design which offers the stylish as well ethnic touch and also meet the standards of lifestyle. Shoes are the reflection of your personality and Borjan understand it, so they combine the technology and innovation together and then produce the pairs of shoes. At Borjan, the valuable customers can get the products that offer the best comfort level and meet the high standards of quality, offers the wide range of choices to customers with the excellent touch of style and class.