Maria B Bridal Collection

Maria B has a glamorous art of confining different fabrics with both uniqueness and ethnicity. Fabrics are reliable in terms of long term use with every current and emerging trend. Maria B collection is famous for its net styling and color combination which one can’t find in other brands. Maria- B especially focus on the divine styling on different fragments of different fabrics together.

Maria b bridal collection 2017 image

As Shadi season is heading and everyone is striving best to get their outfits so they can look beautiful on this occasions.Maria B bridal collection is here with an amazing blend of light and dark shades which can really be stitched in such a way so that one can enjoy the best of bridal dresses. The upcoming Maria-B collection is really appealing. Floral embroidery with stone work on its high demand is all set in stock. One can get them directly from outlets and Online.Vendors like are giving the opportunity to get these outfits on certain discounts.

HSY Bridal Collection 2017 image

HSY Bridal Collection 2017

HSY has a great taste for designing fabrics in such a way that they really depict every single color they have. It has a perfect scheme for developing something better out of the old and new combination of a variety of colors. HSY is one of the top brands of Pakistan that is famous for its designing and ethnicity with fabulous cuts.3-piece stitched dresses and exclusive bridal collection is hard to find anywhere.

Dark blue, violet and indigo colors are mostly used in party wear. This selection is filled with highlights, golden and silver with glorious embroidery with threads and motifs work. In bridal wear, Long gowns with antiques are the center of attention. The amazing part of HSY series of bridal wear is that this brand majorly covers all type of fabric. Dresses are overwhelmed with jewels and motifs so one does not get too much heavy on this day and still look fabulous bride on her day.

Asim Jofa Bridal Collection wedding dresses 2017 image

Asim Jofa Bridal Collection            

AsimJofa collection is one the famous brand that is among the top brands of Pakistan, due to fabric printing, stitching, and fine embroidery. As the matrimonial season is right here, beautiful mehndi dresses, baraat lehnga and ghagara styles can be in in premium Bridal collection. The new collection is right here and available at stores and online.

The best part of AsimJofa collection is color combination of light and dark shades which you will not find anywhere else. Each fabric designed is stitched in a way that it can give the best look and balance everyone. Besides, Bridal collection Luxury Lawn, Luxury Chiffon, Luxury Shawl, Fabric premium collection, Luxury pret, and formal wears are also available in stock.

Elan Bridal Wedding Dresses Collection 2017 image

ELAN Wedding Dresses

Elan started its journey quite long ago and it’s famous for its beautiful and glamorous bridal wear. Bridal wear is famous for its delicate and fine embroidery that come up with different flavors. It has unique stone work with threads and motifs. Everyone wants their marriage to be memorable and they want their dresses to be perfect just like their makeup and jewelry.

So, this is what Elan is working for, in its Latest Bridal wear collection. Skin, golden and pink with the unique gold combination is being used in most of the outfits as summer weddings demands. Dresses are customized and heavy according to your perfect look of 3 days. As Eid-Ul-Azha is approaching after those people usually prefer to organize several events like a formal and informal get-together. Often, marriages are fixed on these rare days after Eid. So, Elan clothing helps every individual to come up with the blushing and fabulous look with less artificially loaded heavy jewelry with just sober bridal looks.

Tena Durrani Bridal Wedding Dresses Collection 2017 image

Tena Durrani Bridal Collection 2017

Have you ever tried fancy dresses in both casual and party wear or in as bridal wear? No? Then Tena Duranni clothing is right here to amuse you. This is really unpredictable how designer puts everything together with an amazing blend of ethnic, fancy party look in just one dress. Tena Durrani started the journey when there were few brands people hardly know. 

This brand continuously brought beautiful masterpieces in compilation with amazing fabric cuts. On this Eid festival 2017, you will see the stock with bright colors just like summers Eid should look like. All dresses range from 50,000 pkr varies according to the complexity of designs and cloth used. New Arrival on Bakra- Eid has different collection than before which you will definitely going to choose for your next look.

Zainab Chottani wedding dresses 2017 image

Zainab Chottani Bridal Collection 2k17

Fine wire work, a unique color combination with diverse intellectually filled fabric cuts in stitching is what you can see in Zainab Chottani’s dresses. This emerging brand has everything in the collection that defines classy outfits. This is the reason why this brand conquers the market in terms of best bridal, casual, and party wear dresses. One can get a complete range of formal, couture, Swarovski, formals, ready to wear formal, pert designed clothes here. 

This brand is really conscious about delivering the best fabrics with unique designing and fine stitching. Coming towards the premium Bridal collection, the outlet is delivering the wide range of beautiful and fine collection. Royal blue, Pink, Peach with glittery stones are really hard to find somewhere else.Grab, your best outfit for your special day at Zainab Chottani’s official outlets. For worldwide purchase, certain vendors like are offering them at discount.

Sana Safinaz Bridal collection 2017 image

Sana Safinaz Bridal Collection 17

Sana Safinaz started working in fabric industry when there were fewer brands and designers were not having wider scope in terms of fashion designing. Sana Safinazis delivering the best outfits, premium designs, not only Pakistan but all over the world. Dresses with light green, blue, royal and other beautiful combination is available in both at outlet and online. 

Premium collection at Sana Safinaz is both party wear and bridal wear.Designs here are really unique and trend setting. Beads, threads, and motifs on both soft toned and heavy dresses.After Bakra Eid people are really up-to several get-to-gathers.One can get these fine collection to make their days more special by collecting their favorite outfit both online and at stores.

Nomi Ansari wedding dresses 2017 image

Nomi Ansari Bridal Collection 2k17

Nomi Ansari does not need any advertisement because collection here is not just like typical formal wears and bridal wear. Every individual outfit is different from each other. Every taste can be found starting from sparkling parrot green till different shades of golden, blue, dull fabrics in both Nomi Ansari Bridal collection and party wear. Delicate work of stones and threads with a combination of different fabrics together are really beautiful. 

Nomi Ansari is the name of quality fabrics and designers that are really concerned about the customers and trend requirements. Beautiful ethnic collection for bridal wear is available at both stores and on Online. Categories available at Nomi Ansari are Luxury Pret, Formals, Bridal, Runway Report and amazing bridal wear are available in stock.

Faraz Manan Bridal Collection 2017

Faraz Manan Bridal Collection

Faraz Manan is famous brand and made its significant place in the market due to its sober and elegant designs and quality of fabrics.Faraz Manan is passionately working on the number of projects to deliver the quality of stitched fabrics with unique designing.

This brand started working in fabric industry with a different approach towards digital and hand weaving. The almost complete stock gets finished at the end of each fabric release. Upcoming Faraz Manan collection is up to delivering something unique and soon will be available at outlets both online and official outlets.

Uzma Badar Bridal Wedding Dresses Collection 2017 image

Uzma Badar Wedding Dresses 2017

If you are looking for really dark chocolaty shades at your special day then Uzma Badar’s collection is right here for you. It has really amazing series of beautiful women’s wear.

The best part of Uzma Badar’s collection is that it covers almost every shade with an amazing blend of stones,self-embroidery and cut pieces to make your outfit best for all seasons and body types. It is one of the emerging brands and is being highly appreciated by people globally. You can buy its collection both online and official outlets.

Fahad Hussayn Bridal Wedding Dresses Collection 2017 image

Fahad Hussayn Wedding Dresses

Fahad Hussayn’s is one of the most beautiful collections of women clothing.It has a lot of variety when it comes to casual wear, party wear, or dresses like special days of mayon, mehndi, baraat etc in bridal wear. It has a wide collection of beautiful art and variety in the pure collection.

You will find really different stuff which is not casually available. There is a significant difference in Fahad Hussayn’s collection and any other designer its because it mainly caters need rather than the trend. Bridal collection is all set in stock and one can get them from stores and online easily.

Manish Malhotra Bridal Collection 2017 image

Manish Malhotra Bride Wedding Dresses Special

An Indian brand with fascinating designs and embroidery are really famous for their ethnic designs and glamorous flavors. People around the globe prefer these outfits because they give both flavors of eastern and western designs together. Manish Malhotra dresses are the trend setter and it mostly covers every type of customers.

This brand majorly delivers the best attire with an innovative combination of different color schemes. Funky styling and unique embroidery make it significant to wear. Eye catching stone brown colors are really amazing to wear. One can buy Manish Malhotra fabrics directly from the outlet and from online services worldwide.

Deepak Perwani Bridal Collection 2017

Deepak Perwani Bride Wedding Dresses Special

Best collection of bridal wear with silk and banarsi touch at its best is available at Deepak Parwani. Deepak Perwani is one of the amazing brands that began to work when there were very fewer brands available globally. Journey gradually resulted from this brand to be one of the renowned brands globally.

Different men, women collection is available online and via vendors like at certain discounts. Outfits for marriage point of view are really perfect to wear. Mainly, dresses are mixed with stone work spread over the base and long lehnga and ghagara styles.

Sania Maskatiya bridal collection 2017 image

Sania Maskatiya Wedding Dresses 

Sania Maskatiya is one of the biggest challenges to people who are working in the fabric industry. Ethnic designs and classical fabrics are famous are really inn nowadays. Dulhan dresses 2017 are right here in Sania Maskatiya bridal collection. Dresses are heavy and loaded with beautiful gems inside but they are really easy to wear and to carry them on these special occasions.

Sania Maskatiya has everything a woman needs to look beautiful and classy in terms of fabric. This brand has everything starting from women luxury pret(traditional), Luxury pret(contemporary), Formals, Over the ramps outfits and beautiful bridal wears.

Zara Shahjahan bridal collection 2017 image

Zara Shahjahan Bridal Collection 2017

Zara shahjahan is famous for its decent styling with a little blend of ethnic gold and banarsi touch. Zara Shahjahan is trending towards setting new designs and fabric collection that people are demanding a lot of nowadays.

Bridal collection of Zara Shahjahan would appear soon and under process. One can get the fabrics and premium collection is stock via purchasing them from the official outlet and both online.