Cafe Costa introduces the Sehri & Iftar and will serve from the 1st Ramzan. Cafe Costa has a long list of food menu in Sehri so; you will never face any problem during all day along. The Sehri Buffet will start from 12:00 AM till Azan and the menu include Sehri Drink, Starters, Main Courses, Paratha & Nan, Salads & Chaat, Desserts and Tea.

The Menu of Iftar cum Dinner Buffet have Dates, Iftar Drinks, Soup, Iftari Starters, Main Courses, Salads & Chaat, Desserts and Tea. The time of Iftar starts from Iftar to 9:00 PM. Ones can also enjoy the unlimited beverages for Rs 99+ tax only.