Chaaye Khana is one of the largest and most famous Tea House in Pakistan. Chaaye Khana is a tea house concept that was missing in Pakistan. As Pakistan is a country where tea is not just considered as a brew but also considered as a thirst quencher. It has now become a traditional drink of Pakistan and an essential ingredient for our social fabric that is needed at all casual and formal occasions and all social events. As tea has become a social lubricant.

Chaaye Khana is a high-end cafe in Pakistan that specializes in all tea things as provides you an option to replace highly expensive hotels bills for those who serve tea bags in water. Chaaye Khana is a family tea cafe; a place where people arrive with their families and friends to have all kind of tea they want while soothing in a hospitable atmosphere. It is a place for businesspeople where they can meet with business associates to discuss matters of business by having a good cup of tea or where someone can take a book to work on their laptops in privacy and enjoy with a cup of tea.

Chaaye Khana has more than seventy mixtures of drinks, specially selected from all over the world. We provide to the hard-core tea drinker who knows what exactly he wants, as well as to those with a bold splash, who want to try out one of our blends from our six different varieties.

Chaaye Khana is serving 6 varieties of tea with different flavors to people of Pakistan:

Oolong tea

Oolong tea is a mixture of black and green tea, and it is a semi-oxidized tea. Oolong tea contains fruits aroma and fragrance and available in different oolong flavors including tasty fruity oolong, morning dew oolong, cream caramel, orange oolong, exotic tropical oolong and tasty fruity oolong.

Herbal tea

Chaaye Khana also provides herbal tea that is made with fresh and healthy ingredients that any person can even eat. Herbal tea is available with different flavors including Ayurvedic tea, roasted almond, pina colada blend, Berry trap, and stress fighter.

Black tea

Black tea is rich of oxidized than other varieties of teas at Chaaye Khana. Black tea is made from leaves of Camellia sinensis and stronger in flavor and contains more caffeine. It is also available in different flavors including orange poke, Russian caravan, open sesame, pure chai and spicy chai blend.

White tea

White tea is the natural and most pure tea for the families because white tea is having less amount of caffeine of all tea varieties from the camellia plant and has a very subtle and light infusion. Available in flavors of jasmine silver needles, mango delight, Blueberry Lake, and K2 tea.

Rooibos Tea

Rooibos is an herbal tea and is naturally caffeine-free that is a perfect choice for kids, new and expecting moms and even for evening refreshment.