Chemisier is a man wear brand that is a French word which means the supplier of men’s all accessories. The brand provides an ideal opportunity to be discerning regarding fashion, fit, custom, and aesthetics. Chemisier offers a choice for today’s man for being contemporary, formal and informal from within a given range of accessories. Chemisier range of styling is inspired by the universal fashion dimensions and it is out to help all way alive males to be more aware of their image and personal style.

Chemisier design clothes with a sharp creativity while the focus on modern lines and smooth fits. Every collection of Chemisier has been created and tailored by keeping in mind the today's man bringing out their inner freedom. Chemisier provides the best quality of clothing and stitching all over the world, and the quality of their stitching can be a quick judge of their density and excellent craftsmanship. The quality can judge by the careful stitching of collars, front plackets, cuffs, yoke pleats, side seams, pockets, split yokes, buttons, gussets, shoulder to sleeve matching and more.

Chemisier collections

Chemisier offers three primary lines of their collections Board Room, Golf, and Uptown.

Board Room

Their Primary selection line is Board Room that includes a formal business dress shirt having classy, modern and a serious look. Which have carefully crafted patterns for different sizes joined with chic fabrics offering charm, classic aesthetics, and comfort in a day high work environment.


Golf is the other famous semi-casual and semi-formal range of clothing by Chemisier. This clothing range has introduced for a professional with a definite, moderate taste and the desire for a penetrating self-expression during unplanned hours. The casual designs of this collection are beautifully borderline formality and make the atonement suitable for formal business occasions as well.


Uptown provides conventional designs, pattern, and match. If you love rhythms, then Uptown is best the answer to your taste. It reflects the element of transitional trends; Chemisier line still offers the versatility to turn the shirt into a classic formal when buttoned-up for an official event.