Coffee Planet is the leading and well-oriented coffee provider not just in Pakistan but around the World. Coffee Planet is the live example how a small but strong thinking makes changes with the real passion for doing something and that something did Coffee Planet. When Coffee Planet started his Journey in early 2005, on that time they have not such an experience, but they got with the passage of time, after struggling hard and achieved what they want to! The First branch of Coffee Planet was open in 2012 in the heart of Pakistan-Lahore. After the successful startup from Lahore, Defence first Branch, The Coffee Planet still surmount the height of success with its delicious taste, blending service and commitments to serve best as it's not the work for them but a Passion to do!

“As a brand, Coffee Planet has always had global and international aspirations and ensuring before to start the new point as they are working with the right partners to help us realize that passion of bringing fantastic coffee to new markets such as Pakistan,” said Robert Jones, Managing Director, Coffee Planet.

Coffee Planet, Way to Eternity

Starting right from the beginning, Coffee Planet was looking at how coffee was being made and found out who started the coffee and where! So, Coffee Planet started from the "Arabian Peninsula where Arabian Coffee began over 500 years ago. Coffee Planet learned from, build own Roastery, and after trying every conceivable combination for what seemed an eternity, one day Coffee Planet did it – hit the eternities flavor and taste!

Mission Statement of Coffee Planet

Coffee Planet becomes a brand with blended services with high level of quality, the mission of Coffee Planet, is to deliver what clientele expect from, what location, what flavor and which time they demand from Coffee Planet and they did what Clientele demand! His mission to create the best for every suitable circumstance and occasion and they think they did it!

Coffee Solution By Coffee Planet

Coffee Planet has the extensive range of Coffee Solutions for its customers as some of them are discussed below.

1- Professional Series

Coffee Planet Professional Series contained on fresh and delightful beans acquire from the professional farmers and examined from UTZ and Halal certified roastery and then deliver to the coffee shops, where served to our loyal and respected Coffee lovers. Product offers in this series are Authentic Professional Series, Original Series, Organic Series, Classic Series, Filter Blended Series and Decaf Series are head of the list.

2- Coffee Planet Origins

Solutions offer in the origins list are Ethiopia Sidamo, Columbia Finca La Esperanza, Nicaragua El Bosque and Burundi Kirimiro are top of the list.

3- Turkish and Arabic Coffee

The top of the list solutions is Turkish coffee pure/ cardamom and Arabic Coffee pure/ cardamom.

4- Coffee Capsules

Products available in capsules form too, and top of the lists are Espresso, Lungo, Ristretto, Decaf and Organic Espresso UTZ certified.

5- Sugar Sticks

Coffee Planet starts offering excellent quality of white and brown sugar sticks to its customers on demand. The customer can enjoy these sticks as these are available at all Coffee Planet outlets and retails shops.

Why Coffee Planet?

Coffee Planet has been distributing Coffee to its clientele around the world since 2005 and started in Pakistan since 2012. The ingredients uses in Coffee are roasted by Coffee planet's HACCP certified roastery in Dubai and offer UTZ and Halal certified roastery. Coffee Planet has more than 200 distributions in hypermarkets, supermarkets and convenience stores in Pakistan.