Cross stitch is fabric and retail fashion clothing brand. There are several designs and clotting of cross stitch. It is very interested to know that cross stitch is introducing new type of clothing every year with different form of variety to offers for the customer.

Cross Stitch is known for its classic cross stitch embroidery but over time being passed, the brand has brought something new and innovative and now is one of the leading brands of Pakistan counted regarding designer dresses. The clothes of the Cross Stitch are modern, but the style is rooted with ethnic and traditional materials in Pakistan, entrenched in an original method into the stylish modern wear clothes for today changed gracious ladies and female of Pakistan.

Ready to wear

In ready to wear, cross stitch provides various clothing for the client including beige texture, red basic, nougat primary, lime green basic, light blue basic, black thief, blue cut work, yellow, blue gold horses, abstract art. Blue floral etc. and many other brands are also available easily in different cross stitch stores.

Cross Stitch Lawn

Cross stitch lawn specially design for female clothing and it is good looking formal and casual dresses. This lawn is mostly available in hot or summer season for the customer, which does increase the attractiveness in the hot season. Like Lilac Dove, 4 Pc’s suit have a tremendous demand in summer months. Cross stitch provides the different range of clothing dresses 

Eternal Roseate Cross Stitch 5 Pc’s

Cross stitch provides incorporates modern clothing dresses for its customers it’s a suit cream lawn color which you can avail in 5,500 PKR which is easily affordable  for everyone

Mocha Cherry 5 Pc's

Cross offers this clothing in summer season; It’s a pink type dress which gives the increase in the beauty of female and helps in brighten in hot and summer season. Price of this dress is affordable for RS 5,550

Elegant styles dress

Fuschia Sea 5 Pc’s suit fuschia in color provides fresh sea color and feel just like a calm. Cross stitch designed sophisticated type of dress in hot summer season. Every collection of this dress has lovely and attractive prints. This brand also famous for female and give them to increase the beauty in hot weather condition and the price is very affordable available  in different markets

Majolica Berry 4 Pcs

The dress 4 pc’s like majolica Berry also widespread clotting of cross stitch. This suit is mostly in green color and the Lawn will provide you fresh and breeze at the hot-days weather and your summer always make you bright. You can purchase this suit at PKR.5,300

Cross Stitch Summer Volume

Their summer volume 2 is also famous brands which give the attractive and glorious look in the hot season. It is medium and long length type of trousers and shirts along with cigarette type of matching pants. It’s also includes Cross Stitch Verdant Rosette 5 Pc’s suit which is in green color lawn type makes you cool at the hot season. This costume also available easily with the price of 5,500 PKR

Digitally printed lawn 

Cross stitch offers digitally printed lawn collection for its customer which is also a part of essential clothing. The colors palette and designs are created through flowers its includes Ecru Scarlet 5 Pc’s suit which is in golden in color it just gives you cool at hot season

Print Lawn Vol

Cross stitch provides print Lawn Vol 1 2016 which is latest design and clotting cross stitch launched in this year. In this dress, its further includes many clotting like indigo porcelain, silver chinoiserie, alabastrine raven, green rosette, eternal roseate, and sheer resilience are most famous and popular dresses of cross stitch.