It's a UK food chain that specializes in halal chicken. This company was founded by two British Pakistanis. They aimed to provide the halal version of the food that is available in other fast food restaurants.  This company was founded in 1986. That has more than 150 outlets worldwide. Especially 110 plus outlets exist in the UK. They have a strict quality check. They continuously monitor the quality of food.  They assure that franchises should buy fresh ingredients from the Dixie suppliers that are served to customers in order to maintain a high standard. 

They have the extensive menu all you have to worry about is what you have to choose today. They have a burger, chicken pieces and pizza on the menu.  And you can get fries and coke with your meal too. The food available here is delicious and will stimulate your every taste bud.

Let's look inside the burger!

They are committed to the quality and you can see this in the burger. The burgers begin with the patties.  They have fresh chicken or beef in it. Burger is free of additives, fillers, and preservatives of any kind. A gently cooked burger, dribbling with buttery juices, topped with spicy sauces. Will let you lick your fingers.

Let's see Pizza!

Dixy chicken has different kinds of pizzas. You can see their wide option of pizzas on their menu. The pizza is well baked, drizzling with olive oils, cheese, and chicken. They have got everything that you will get mad for classic pizzas. Sometimes you have to get little crazy that unconventional pizza topping will convince you not to choose any other fast food restaurant other than dixy chicken. 

Now it's the turn of everyone's favorite chicken pieces!

When it comes to healthier eating program in which you have to take less fat in your body. Then these chicken pieces fried in fresh oil. It is coated with tasty breadcrumbs. You will not find such tasty chicken anywhere.