Engine, a western fashion clothing brand that is well known because of trendy apparel designs and fashion oriented. It offers the extensive varieties of styles to Men | Women & Kids. The targeted audience of Engine Clothing Online Pakistan is between 16-35 ages’ customers. The primary objective of Engine Brand is to cater the fashion needs of customers by offering them the latest fashion trends, eye-catchy styles and fine quality of products. To meet all these requirements, Engine brand is enhancing its manufacturing industry, management and way of thinking so; they reveal the different yet stylish for their valued customers. Engine Brand Logo depicts the name of the brand that offers stylish products to customers.

Engine clothing brand came into existence in 2011 and soon, it became the most iconic brand among customers as it met the fashion requirements of customers. Engine has 28 outlets around Pakistan and offering the fashion-oriented products to the customers all over Pakistan through retail and official online website, where all the products are showcasing according to the season. Social Media is another medium that Engine is using to engage the customers and to make new customers by displaying newly launched collections. The medium that is much effective is Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and so on.

At Engine Official Website, there are two main sections of products: Men & Women. In Men segment, the featured subsections are Footwear, Trouser, T-Shirt and Casual Shirts. In Women section, the subcategories of products are Shirts & Blouses, Bottoms, Footwear and Accessories. There is another section at Engine online shopping store “Sale,” the most visiting page by valued customers.

Engine Men Clothing

The first section of products is “Men” Clothing Pakistan by Engine that offers the broad range of styles and design as per demand by the fashion industry. The first category in men section is Footwear where all the newly launched designs are showcasing with product number and price. The shoes are manufactured and designed by the expertise that has relevant experience to cater the customers. The varieties of shoes contain sneakers, flat, formal, and laces shoes. The price starts from 2,999 PKR and goes on 3,699 PKR.

The next category of men clothing is Trousers/Bottoms that has the different varieties of bottoms such as Chinos, Denim, and Non-Denim. All these designs have attractive colors such blue, black, beige, brown, khakhi and so on. The price of bottoms starts from 2,199 PKR and goes on 2,399 PKR.

Next section in Men Clothing is T-Shirts that offers the new designer t-shirts half sleeves with ban color, polo style and round neck with plain, check, lining and printed design. The prices of Engine T-shirts start from PKR 499 and go on PKR 1,399.  

Casual Shirts are the most featuring products by Engine as it offers the varieties of designs and colors. At Online and retail outlets, the different designs such as plain, checkered and lining designs are showcasing. The price starts from PKR 999 and goes on 2,399 PKR.

Engine Women Clothing

Engine is western women clothing brand and offers the western styles of to the modern and fashion demanding girls and women in Pakistan. The first section of products is Shirts & Blouses. In this section, different designer and printed t-shirts, casual shirts, and blouses are showcasing with prices as well.

 Some of them are having the style of lining, checkered, plain and printed. The price starts from PKR 699/- and goes on 2,399/- PKR. Engine Women Bottoms offer different ranges of color such as black, blue, pink and so on. The products are easy to use and comfortable. The price starts from 949 PKR and goes on 2,099 PKR. Women love to wear trendy and stylish footwear while matching with their dresses. At Engine footwear section, the designs are heels, pumps and flats.

The price starts from PKR 999 and goes on 2,299 PKR. The last section of products is Accessories that offers the products to women such as sunglasses, clutches and bags. The price starts from Rs. 649 and goes on Rs. 1,799.

The best and most visiting section at Engine online and retail shopping store is “Sale,” where you can find out all the discounted but designer products such as shirts, bottoms, footwear and men & women accessories as well.