A premium men's footwear brand being into existence in 1975 and the very first time revealed the shoe collection to the Pakistan fashion industry. The name of shoe brand is Fayva who is now, becomes a well-known and leading footwear provider in Pakistan and the reason behind its success and popularity is the struggle and passion of being the Number One in the footwear fashion industry of Pakistan.

Fayva is premium men's footwear brand who has an extensive range of newest designs and collections in wardrobes such as formals, casuals and seasonal wear like summer, spring and winter as well. Behind the every collection of Fayva, there are huge manufacturer and management team who are fulfilling their responsibilities carefully. Fayva has the largest shoemakers’ factory which spread over an area of 35,000 units and production area covered the area over 20,000 square feet which produce the footwear to meet the requirements of customers. Another fact about Fayva, it produces the 360,000 pairs of footwear per annum. Let's has a look at the elegant and magnificent collection of Fayva.

1- Summer Collection

2- Formal Collection

3-Casual Collection

These three collections are offering at entire stores of Fayva as a well online shop, and the products include in these sections are as followed.

Summer Collection

In Summer Collection of Fayva, the whole range of summer styles are offering in this section such as Sandals, Peshawari, Chappals and Flat, and 100% genuine leather products. The expertise examines the every pair of shoes and then sends it to the Fayva outlets for sale. The entire range is available at every possible size from 39 to 45, and the most featured colors of Summer Styles are Mustard, Brown, Black, Dark Brown, Dark Chocolaty, Fawn, Blue and Purple.

Formal Collection

Footwear is defined your personality, and if you wear an ordinary pair of the shoe, then your personality doesn't have that impact to others. Every pair of Fayva Formal shoes is a class in its self, and it delivers the best stylish and comfort level to its wearer. The Formal Shoes are also available in every size from 39 to 45, and the featured colors are Black, Cream, Brown & Black, Oxblood, Mahroon, Purple, Navy, Grey and Khaki.

Casual Collection

Fayva has beautiful and eye-catching designs in casual wardrobes such as Loafers which have elegant designs and vibrant color range. The every pair of Casual are competent enough to offer the best stylish look to its wearer and easily suitable with every dressing.

Fayva is the quality conscious company and manufacturer the superior quality of footwear with the wide range of versatile designs. Fayva sticks to the quality assurance and style to satisfy the customers and clients remain stick to the brand. Must experience the magnificent varieties of Fayva and stay ahead in fashion with versatile varieties of shoes.