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Feroz Sons Interior is a furniture brand and they have branches in different cities of Pakistan but the Store of FS Interior is in Karachi. The address of its factory outlet is PanjraPur Street, Arambagh road, M. A. Jinnah Road Karachi, Pakistan. You can visit it 10:30 AM to 9:00 PM timing except for Sunday. Also, you can search the location of Feroz Sons Furnitures from the google map, it is the easiest way to search any destination point easily. You can visit their stores for any type of furniture, interior designs.

They have different shades of furniture like deco, aluminium etc. They have High-end Luxurious Bedroom Furniture designs, all stores have full variety but the main Feroz Sons Furnitures store have extraordinary designs, color combinations. In its Karachi main shop, you can see Office Furniture, Home Furnishings, Kids Furniture, Kitchens, Doors, Wardrobes and Flooring. The furniture made from original wood and they use 100% original material.

The one and only Feroz sons store have unique, new and English style furniture. The main store has the complete variety of furniture as well as many other accessories. You can visit Feroz Sons Interior and Furniture shop for new and trendy furniture style and the complete address and location has mentioned on its official website.



Feroz Sons Interiors

PanjraPur Street, Arambagh road, M. A. Jinnah road Karachi, Pakistan

Tel :(021) 32215469

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