is Pakistan's most trusted online medicine store with all other related health care services like online doctors’ directory, online medical lab services and online home care services. At you order medicines online and get them delivered at your door step anywhere in Pakistan. We offer HBL payment, EasyPaisa and Cash on Delivery. We offer TCS Express Delivery Nationwide. is a project of MedPlus Pharmacy Hameed Latif Hospital Group.

MedPlus Pharmacy was established in 2005 as a retail pharmacy situated at Ferozpur Road Lahore. This group with more than 25 years of experience in health care is known for its care and commitment to its customers and employees. It envisioned a customer centered company that would become a leader in providing Quality products and Quality services in Health care industry of Pakistan.

In this world, where fake/expired medicines and other health products are sold to suspecting public especially in third world countries; this group has decided to become the primary provider of pharmaceutical healthcare products of highest quality and services to both public and fellow health care professional .To work together in creative ways to deliver or provide access to healthcare services in a respectable, caring, and responsible manner which will help us to develop a long term relationship with our customers .All our products are procured through reliable companies, suppliers and distributors with a motto “100% authentic products” .

Our Partners:

  • Hameed Latif Hospital, Ferozpur Road Lahore          

  • Hameed Latif Hospital Misri shah Lahore
  • LIFE: Lahore Institute of Fertility and Endocrinology          

  • Arif Memorial Teaching Hospital          

  • Arif Memorial Specialist Clinic Kasur 
  • Rashid Latif Medical College          

  • Rashid Latif College of Pharmacy
  • Arif Lab 
  • Rashid Latif Institute of Allied Health Sciences
  • Rashid Latif Nursing School
  • Arif Memorial Paramedical School




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Healthonline will prosper through a balance of innovation and solid business decisions that will enhance our operations and continue to create superior value for our customers. Our emphasis on innovation diverse ideas, committed energetic staff and progressive management will ensure future success. The company possesses a blend of capabilities and operating discipline that is truly unique. Our combined expertise in procurement, supply-chain operations, strategic partnerships, financial and strict audit management provides us with a strong platform.

The talent, energy, innovation, diversity, team work and commitment of our associates combine to deliver day-to-day execution that drives success to the company and society. We will continue to foster strong relationships with the diverse people and organizations with whom we work. We will adapt to changing times and environment while holding true to the fundamentals that support both our growth and stability. It is a company of tradition, commitment, excellence and customer centered health care.