HTC MObile Phone Corporation is a Taiwanese company having a headquarter in New Taipei City, Taiwan. It was founded in 1997. The company is credited for the production of smartphones and wireless handheld devices. They have created the first android in Microsoft-powered cell phones in the last decade. They introduced the 4G enables cell phones that are widely accepted by the Americans. The company is moving with the mission to build the business with innovative designs and easy to use software. They want to address your communication with internet platform and professional branding strategies. They have valued excellence, commitment and honor while dealing with their clients. In 2007 HTC acquired Dopod international. In 2010 they announced to sell their smartphones under its own brand name in partnership with Chine Mobiles. HTC sold over 24.6 million handsets. In 2011 HTC started working with Luxegen. They worked for the ease of drivers. The car was loaded with the latest technology to drive in difficult road conditions and in haphazard. The car has HTC smart technology and Windows CE automotive interface.

Soon the company overtook many companies and became the third most value able brand behind Apple and Samsung. In a mobile world, congress 2011 HTC was named as device manufacturer of the year. In 2011 HTC acquired Via technologies and dash wire. After that, they did a partnership with the Beats electronics. The deal with beat electronics was closed and sold back in 2013.

Soon after that, HTC lost market share due to increased competition from Apple and Samsung. The HTC one launched in 2013 was a successful model but the worldwide sale of that cell phone was less that the Samsung S4. In 2014 HTC released HTC ONE M8 the next version of HTC one. In 2014 the sales of the company raised and it was the fastest growth rate for the company since 2011.  The Google selected HTC for the production of Nexus 9 tablet. 2015 was not proved good for the company as they faced competition from other new companies and latest gadgets of existing top brands. In 2016 HTC will come up again with nexus 2016 and will grab good market of Nexus users.