Hyperstar is most dynamic, productive and fast growing hypermarket chain in Pakistan. But, only a few people know about the history of Hyperstar Pakistan and the owner of the largest hypermarket chain group. Many people are rumoring about the ownership of Hyperstar that it is owned by the politician but it’s baseless because Hyperstar is the joint venture of two international groups; Majid Al Futtaim Retail Group and Carrefour. The first hyperstar store in the Middle East was opened in 1995 with the collaboration of Majid Al Futtaim and Carrefour (the fourth largest retail group in the world).

After getting the great response by the customers of Middle East, they looking forward to expanding the retail chain and established the supermarkets in different cities of UAE. After that, they introduced the hyperstar shopping in Saudi Arabia, Libya, Egypt, Kuwait, Qatar and other countries. Now, Hyperstar is offering its largest hypermarkets services in 19 countries with having more than 52 locations worldwide. In 2009, Hyperstar came into Pakistan and opened Hyperstar Lahore store. Later on, it expands its roots in Pakistan and established stores in Karachi and Islamabad and looking forward to opening more branches in other large cities. One can easily find out Hyperstar Karachi, Hyperstar Islamabad through website, social media official pages such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube as well.

Majid Al Futtaim is the most active shopping developers of the region as it also known the first group that introduced the hypermarket retail chain stores to the Middle East. The most dynamic hypermarket retail group promises to value your money and time and provide all the branded and fresh products under one roof. The featured products and services, offer by Hypermarket are hygiene quality of food, communications, fashion, household products, entertainment, communication, leisure, grocery, sports games and accessories, electronics, cinema, furniture, stationery, restaurants’ goods,  textile, food court, fun city, home appliances, and much more.

Extensive Varieties of Products

The product range of Hyperstar comprises of household items, clothing’s, footwear, electronics, personal care, grocery, confectionery, beverages and sevr4eal other items you can think of. Also, the giant also has a lively cafeteria providing hygienic affordable food items and sitting area for visitors. Not to forget Hyperstar Pakistan has a spacious parking area dedicated for the daily visitors as well to park their vehicles with ease. Sports are the important part of life.

The kits of all the games are available that are played internationally like cricket, football, Swimming. Hyperstar has a wide variety of the sports goods in the mall. Keeping the games value hyper star has offered the discount on various products. That includes sports products and many others. You can buy your desired products from the mall. The sports section is in the entire branches fortress stadium Lahore, Emporium Mall Johar Town Lahore and in Islamabad.

Indoor Hyperstar Facilities

The mall has ATM facility too if you don’t want to carry cash for you shopping then you can use ATM facility. The Huge land is given for the parking area. There have been many security issues in the past. Security guards are allocated in the parking area for the protection of the cars. That is a good facility you will not find everywhere.

Inside of Hyperstar Shopping Mall

The inside of Shopping mall is quite spacious. The ground floor of shopping mall has the grocery items, and the first floor, sports-corner, electronic corner, textile corner, and to a side, a small book corner. There are series of Rows and columns and that have placed items in it. There is a section of fresh vegetables and fruits. You can also get fresh chicken and fish.

Limitless Shopping Experience

There is no buying limit. It means that if you need a bottle, you can get only one piece. You don’t have to go wholesale way. But there is no cafeteria in the mall where you can sit and eat. The shopping mall is the best mall in town. With very good rates and almost all the things are available in the mall. You can get all the things in one place. All you have to do is to go to the particular section. In a nutshell, Hyperstar Pakistan provides variety alongside value-for-money to its customers.

Hyperstar offers the broad wide duration for shopping as the hypermarket shopping mall’s opening timings are from 10:00 am to 1:00 am. On Saturday and Sunday, only families are allowed to shop because of family day. In Lahore, its is one of the largest cash and carry Lahore shopping mart with extensive varieties of products such as grocery to fashion, skin care, baby care, electronics products such as washing machine, watches, fridge, AC, Cell Phones, Feature Phones, Tablets, TCL, UPS, Vacuum Cleaner, and much more.

All the fashion wear and styling products are showcasing in different shelves and cabins with the price tag so you can check out the discount instantly. The brand's grocery items are the most demanding products as the grocery rates are low as compare to market prices. Some of the products have home delivery options too! The products catalogues are available at the counter so, you can check out the huge discount offers on your favorite and desiring products as well. Hyperstar instantly reveals the weekly and monthly discounted offers as well. Hyperstar has the largest employee circle and willing to receive the more job application forms to review the new talent as well. HR department and HR managers are directly dealing with your submitting resumes so, apply for the post and get best jobs for you.