Ittehad Textiles Embroidered Series Spring Summer Collection 2018 with prices are available in stores and online. They have unique designs with stylish apparels as well as they have many other accessories. Ittehad Embroidered Series Lawn dresses are full of vivid shades, some of the dresses are fabulous and some have multi colors. The prices of the dresses are economical and you can easily afford it. Summer fantasy premium quality Ittehad spring-summer collections 2018 are really adorable and providing a stunning lovely look for women.

Ittehad is on the list of most top 10 most popular fashion brands and one of the demanding clothing brands in Pakistan. yes, ladies are demanding these dresses and the clothing company always tries to fulfil the requirements of their respective customers. In the unstitched suit, they have embroidered swiss lawn for the front, Embroidered Swiss lawn 0.5-inch border for neck 1 yard, embroidered swiss lawn 1-inch border for the front 1 yard, Embroidered Swiss lawn for the back.

Also, it has Embroidered Swiss lawn border for back 1 yard, Embroidered Swiss lawn for sleeves 0.75 yards, Embroidered Swiss lawn border for sleeves 1 yard, Embroidered Swiss lawn 1-inch border for sleeves 1 yard, Printed chiffon dupatta 2.75 yard. Must shop its new arrival from Ittehad Textiles stores and you can buy these suits online.