Pakistan army is the pride of the nation. The brave soldiers are working 24x7 for the protection of Pakistan.  6th September is celebrated as defence day. Our brave soldiers sacrificed their lives for the Pakistan. KFC is celebrating the defence day with the people of Pakistan by providing the discount on the food items. You can get seven pieces of chicken for 799 PKR. KFC is one of the best fast food restaurants all over the world. The meals are available at economical prices. The meal is delicious, and you can enjoy with friends and family in the healthy environment.

They have many deals in everyday affordable value, and it is also offering sub 100 deal, in which they offer one burger in only Rupees 100 only. Let celebrate this defence day with KFC and get the best deal on discount. In other deal, they have the burger with Pepsi in just Rupees 160 Only. You can afford these deals on a daily basis. The chicken inside the burger is crispy soft and full of juice and taste. You will feel the crunch, the taste of salad and mayonnaise. 

In sub burger, you can also add fries with the chicken burger and Pepsi, the price of this cheese burger is PKR 250/- only. Here they have some chicken with rice deals, the price of Chicken and Veggie Rice is Rupees 200 only. In which they are offering Fried rice with vegetables, and piece of chicken. They also have Krunch BBQ burger in Rupees 150 only. Must try these delicious dishes within budget or order online.