It's time to the reunion with old friends, family members because KFC reveals the Family Bucket Deals and looking forward to welcoming you at outlets. It’s time to call your family or friends and be together at one place to enjoy the delicious Family Festival Deal by KFC in Rs. 1395/- only.

KFC is inviting all the food lovers to come and celebrate the first deal after the New Year 2017 and taste the scrumptious Festival Deal. The deal introduces for the family or friend's gang cause the food includes in the deal are 4 Hot & Spicy Zingers Burgers, 4 Chicken Pieces, 2 Dinner Rolls and will serve with the chilled 1.5 Liter Pepsi in just Rs. 1395/-.

KFC all Deals are scrumptious and mouthwatering as you will never control on yourself. In the delicious list of KFC Family deals, the best of best from all are Family Festival, Family Festival Add-on, Mitao Bhook and MY 5.

Moreover, In the everyday affordable deal, the menu offers New Sub 100 with Drink, Chicken and Veggie Rice, Krunch BBQ with Drink, Krunch BBQ with Chicken Piece and Drink, Twister, Chicken Rice, Chicken Chips with Drink, Zinger Strips Deal and Rice & Spice. Furthermore, KFC offers Combos Deals, Burgers Menu, KFC Family Meal Sharing Deals, Midnight Deals, Chicky Meals, Snacks and Beverages.

KFC – A Premium quality Food Brand which emerged in 1997 and started to offer quality food to its customers and after 20 years ago still continue the taste and quality of food. Visit your nearest KFC Outlets or Order Online and spend quality time by eating quality food with your family or friend's gang and enjoy the KFC Family Festival Deal at price of Rs. 1395/- Only.