Khaadi is a Pakistani clothing fashion brand that was found in 1999 by the owner and creative mind behind the success and rapidly growth “Shamoon Sultan.” The brand was a pioneer one at that time in introducing "hand-woven" technique and designs in the fashion industry of Pakistan for the first time. The brand since then has come a long way and penetrated into the hearts of its loyal customers locally as well as internationally because of its classic textures and styles. It is considered as the top best fashion brands in Pakistan. The brand first specialized in hand-woven products, embroidered designer collection, especially a smart clothing range of Prêt wear for women; after that, it also started providing unstitched lawn, clothing range for men's wear also and children’s clothing, shoes, bags, jewelry.

Khaadi first boutique was opened at Zamzama in Karachi in 1999 and got extensive recognition in the short period of two weeks that they were stocked down and shut down their store. Khaadi has introduced a broad range of women wear of Luxury Prêt and lawn. Arshad Abdullah is an interior designer who is working for Khaadi stores in Pakistan, UK, and UAE. Khaadi has also supplied its products to different countries and also started working online in 2014 and opened digital doors to many countries of the world. Khaadi Official online shopping store helps the customers around the globe to shop their favorite closets online from e store without leaving the rest of home. The online size chart that is available at official website help the customers to let know the perfect size and to order freely without any hassle. The return policy of Khaadi Clothing Pakistan allows the free hand to change your products and return as per the policy mentioned.

Furthermore, the official social media medium including Khaadi Facebook and Khaadi Instagram pages help the customers for easy and convenient shopping. In clothing section, the apparels collections are being offered Men | Women | Kids (boys & girls) collection to the worldwide. The featured products are man | woman dresses, designer one piece, two pieces and three pieces stitched and unstitched suits. Besides providing clothing Khaadi also provides Home stores services in which they offer Bed Covers, Bed Sheets, Cushion Covers, Duvet Covers Wall Clocks, Table Covers, Furniture Accessories and Tableware also. Over the years, Khaadi has introduced some new concepts of clothing including Khaas that was featuring exclusive and limited-edition pieces, ready to wear, kurti, embroidered trousers, frocks, jeans, kurta designs, waistcoats, 2 pieces & 3 pieces unstitched suits, kids clothing and accessories including jewelry, stoles, and handbags, bags, perfume,  and Home featuring furniture, bedding and bath items. Have a look underneath are defining the extensive designer range for Men | Women & Kids by the clothing brand Khaadi that unveils for the valued customers.

Khaadi New IN

At Khaadi e store, the first section is New IN section that has the new arrivals according to season, style and design. The entire woman, man, kids and accessories that are newly launched are displaying here. In woman new arrivals, the category offers unstitched, pret, khaas and bottoms. For man, kurta and bottoms, Kids(boys & girls) collection, and accessories are also displaying at new arrival’s category.

Khaadi Woman

At Khaadi, you will find out everything best and full of class of art as the expertise offers the best for customers. In Khaadi Women, there are four different subcategories including “Unstitched, Pret, Khaas and Bottoms.”

Unstitched section offers the entire unstitched one piece, two pieces and three pieces suits as per the demands of season; winter, summer, spring and autumn. The featured collections that include in this section are Winter, Cambric, Luxury, Mid Summer Three Piece, Mid Summer Two Piece and Lawn Collections are showcasing.  The fabrics of the section are “Cambric, Chiffon, Jaccquard, Khaddar, lawn, Linen, PV and Silk.” The price starts from PKR 1500 and goes on above PKR 7000. The featured varieties of colors are black, blue, brown, green, orange, purple, red, white, pink, offwhite, lime green, light pink, cream and much more.

Khaadi Pret is most demanding ready to wear products because of its designs, blending technology and fabric as well. The category has Kurta, Frocks, Kurta Dupatta and Kurta Pajama, and the pret size chart help you to find out the best fitting for you either you are shopping online through e commerce website or retail stores.

Khaadi Khaas offers semi formals and casual clothing style to its valued female customers. The featured fabrics are “Net Silk, Satin, Silk, Silk Chiffon and Polyester. Khass size chart offers 8, 10 and 16 sizes and the price starts from PKR 500 and goes on above PKR 19,000. The colors are black, blue, brown, red, white, green, yellow, purple, beige, and cream and so on.

Khaadi Bottoms are manufactured to give the best comfort to its wearer with touch if elegance and style. The styles of bottoms are ”tights, pants, Shalwar and denim and the fabrics of bottoms are cotton, lawn, silk and polyster. The prices of bottoms start from PKR 2000 and go on above PKR 6500. The brightening and eye-caching colors are black, blue, orange, red, white, pink, off-white and so on.

Khaadi Man

Khaadi unveils the most desiring and embellishing men collection and showcasing in wardrobes of retail and online stores. The category of man is divided into two different categories Kurtas and Bottoms.

Khaadi Man Kurtas has broad varieties of Kurtas for men including “Basic Kurta, Slim Fit Kurta, Embroidered Kurta, Kurta Shalwar, Shalwar Kameez and Short Kurta.” The fabric of all above mentioned kurta styles are cotton and sizes are small, medium, large and extra large. The prices of kurtas start from PKR 1500 and go on above PKR 4500. The colors are black, blue, grey, brown, dark blue, light blue, peach, navy, rust, white, green, and much more.

In Khaadi Man Bottoms, the categories of products are Pajama and Shalwar with cotton, cotton latha and hand woven fabric. The price starts from PKR 1500 and goes on PKR above 1500.

Khaadi Kids

Khaadi has the extensive varieties and designs for kids (boys and girls) and category of collections are Girls Ethnic, Girls Western, Boys Ethnic and Boys Western.

Girls Ethnic offers the four different varieties of clothing such as Kurtas, Kurta Pajama, Formals and Pants. The fabrics of products are Cotton and Lawn with available sizes for 2-12 years girls.

Girls Western section unveils the blouses, t-shirts, dresses, stoles, tight and pants for 2 to 12 years old girls and the fabrics of products are Cotton, Denim, 80% Polyester 20% Viscose, Silk and Polyester.

Boys Ethnic category offers kurta, kurta Shalwar, kurta pajama and waistcoat with cotton fabrics and sizes are available for 2 – 10 years old kid. The price of products starts from PKR 1,000 and above to PKR 2500. The colors are black, blue, orange, pink, light green, dark green, cream, beige, olive, navy blue, light blue, denim blue and much more.

Khaadi Accessories

Khaadi accessories are distributed into three different sections “Woman Accessories, Man Accessories and Others Accessories.” In Women section, the categories of products are “Footwear, Fragrances, Jewelry, Handbags, Scarves, Shawls, Sunglasses, Wallets, Dupatta, Stole and Tank Tops.” The varieties of fabrics are cotton, silk, woollen, woven and polyester. The sizes are describing on size chart. The price starts from PKR 500 and goes on above PKR 4500. In Man Accessories section, perfume is showcasing in blue and black. In Others Accessories section, the varieties of Notebook are displaying with different designs and art on book.

All the above-mentioned sections, categories and products for Men | Women | Kids are displaying at a retail shop, e stores and flagship stores as well. At Home of e-commerce site, the newly launched products are displaying. Khaadi is also offering the careers opportunity for dynamic and talented individuals throughout internship programs and the information is mentioned at official website of Khaadi Pakistan.