Kitchen Cuisine Cakes was a small sweet store in 1988 that use to sell a handful of products. At that time they use to sell fudge cake and cheesecake that bestowed them with instant fame.     

 They have currently multiple retail stores and have extensive product ranges. That includes pastries bread, snacks, saviors, croissants, sandwiches, brownies, cookies, biscuits, ice cream, dessert and premium cake and much more. 

We currently have multiple retail locations with an extensive product range consisting of pastries, bread & croissants, snacks & savories, sandwiches, cupcakes and brownies, cookies & biscuits, premium cakes, birthday & special occasion cakes, ice-cream cakes and desserts, and more.

KC Grill (F-7/4), in Islamabad, is one of the most popular places for people that have proper parking space and is there for around 10 years. It has the beautiful terrace- seating shrouded in greenery. It has two floors of restaurant and café seating. Primarily, they offered enticing continental menu: It was later extended and full flavor Desi dishes, Handi’s, Karahi’s & BBQ were added.

Kitchen Cusine frozen food and desert is also available in many retail stores. That is fresh and stimulates your taste buds when you will eat.

Kitchen Cusine also provides the catering facility at your doorstep. Whether, it is a large event or a dinner at your home. They will provide mouth-watering food that will let you eat to your fill. They cover events such as banquet, luncheons or a wedding catering. The catering unit has good labor power and adept in covering outdoor catering, corporate events, dinners, diplomatic functions and birthday parties.

They also provide office lunches and cover events.

Once you will avail the facility. Then you will 100% will try again.

The bakery provides every kind of sweets and pastries daily that are freshly prepared and are made of fine ingredients.

Kitchen Cusine Catering operation is CAA certified. They are providing high standard meals to the major airport flights in Pakistan since 2006. They are supplied snacks and other in-flight meals in immense quantity.

If your loved one live abroad than kitchen cuisine provides the opportunity to send your favorite food items to abroad. You can book the food item and pay the charges. And your item will be delivered within destined time.