Levi's is a veteran jeans wear brand since ages founded way back in 1853, now the brand has its footprints in 110 countries worldwide. Now the brand has become the most wore top line urban clothing brand all across the globe, including the Pakistan - embracing loyalty of its millions of customers. The brand now offers jeans, jackets, casual dress and T-shirts having quality at its utmost level with vivid colors and trendy designs for moth men and women.

Any brand can make jeans, but Levis is the one that has to reinvent the jeans for the generations. Levis had three old brothers and three sisters. After the death of his father the Levis move to New York with his sisters where the brothers were already doing the business of dry goods. He learned the trade from there. Levis got a letter from a tailor where in which he defined the way to make a durable pant. In which he was interested and thought to start that business.  The tailor made the pant and strengthened it by putting the metal blocks to the areas where the stress tear the pant.  It was the time when first jeans were invented.  Since then the Levis first jeans was sold, and it is not one of the most worn pants among the workers. Levis is the inventor of Denim jeans and provides the best jeans to all over the world. The Dockers has come up with the cotton khaki pants that are mostly worn formally. The Denizen provide the casual clothing for the men and females. Levis is famous all over the world, and many celebrities prefer to wear Levis on a casual day. The prices are bit high, but you can spend some bucks for the quality clothing.