In Pakistan, L'Oreal is located in Karachi. L'Oreal company is operating in Beauty products, Cosmetics, Gifts, Cosmetics and Toiletries business activities. The key value of L'Oreal represents the 20th-century woman with the global motto ‘Because you’re worth it’ that showcase a viewpoint that inspires a sense of self-esteem in people. To motivate people and maintain their loyalty L'Oreal always give some deals and discounts on its products.

Sometimes it offers discounts in the combination of its two brands products and sometimes gives discounts on a single brand on the purchase in bundles. L'Oreal also provide offers on special events like Eid, Spring days, Change of a season and sometimes on some supermarket or Hyper display. Recently on the occasion of Eid, the brand is offering free goodies on the purchase of specific items of Loreal and some gifts on the collection of bundle products. And the offer is available in hair care, lipsticks and beauty products. So We can say that L'Oreal always fulfill its commitment 'Because you’re worth it.'

Eid Collection