Two brothers with a feeling for good food and a crazy for potato fries put their idea to test, and the outcome was One-potato two potatoes. They started by experimenting with various types of potatoes and cooking techniques in an attempt to create the perfect fries, delicious, fresh, and far superior to the frozen and reconstituted variations used by most restaurants and fast food chains. While investigating, they found that French fries were in fact made in Belgium and that even today Belgian fries are the greatest in the world. They started twice-cooked using French potatoes, but they disappointed and applied the old formula and presented to their friends and family members for tasting. They immediately realized that they found the recipe for success.

One Potato Two Potato started in March 1998. OPTP & One Potato Two Potato are the internationally registered trademarks of The Potato Factory International. They have many branches in different cities of Pakistan. OPTP have on the mission to present the fresh, natural fries with our delicious signature toppings, our variant of Southern Fried Chicken, XXL Hot Dogs, Chicken Wings & Nuggets and The Best Dressed Burgers in Town. OPTP product line is Plain & Flavored French Fries, Southern Fried Chicken, Premium Chicken Burger, XXL Hot Dogs, Spicy Chicken Burger, Double Stack Beef Burger, GMC Chicken Burger and Chicken Wings. They have excellent services in Walk-Ins Welcome, Good for Groups, and Good for Kids, Take Out, Catering and Outdoor Seating. They serve breakfast lunch and dinner. One Potato Two Potato is fast food restaurant.

Their specialty is their fries and those many flavors of fries like Natural Home Fries - Plain Fries, Cheese Fries, Masala Fries, Bbq Fries, Jalapeno Cheese Fried Garlic Mayo Fries, and Fire Fries. In Hot wings, they have many varieties of wings like Crispy Wings, Masala Wings, Buffalo wings, Garlic Mayo Wings, and Fire Wings. One Potato Two Potato (OPTP) has introduced their first outlet in Karachi. The casual and contemporary two-story eatery specializes in gourmet French fries that are made from fresh, added potatoes and served with various sauces and toppings. Also on the menu are classic fries, hamburgers, hot dogs, wings, and other tasty side dishes.

Enjoy the delicious new recipes in a relaxing, informal and friendly atmosphere, always air-conditioned for your comfort. The delicious French fries at OPTP are freshly cut and made from regular potatoes, which deliver them their unique, random shape and fresh taste. The mystery of these excellent fries in the method of preparing them before they are deep-fried. Frying is a two-step temperature and time-controlled method, which uses the best quality vegetable oil available. The fries are fleecy on the inside, crispy on the outside and delightful thoroughly. They served in large quantities with the delicious signature sauces and toppings. New products are continuously doing produced, and there are seasonal items for summer and winter.

They never compromise on quality. OPTP only uses the excellent quality ingredients which add the fresh potatoes the best quality meats,  seasonings, oils, and sauces. Also, OPTP invests in quality equipment that produces the best results. OPTP is known for its quality. The OPTP concept is simple. The standards are high. The products are the best. Selective stock lines ensure the best taste and quality. OPTP tries to create a happy and satisfied customer in all aspects of the dining experience.