Pizza Hut introduces the Flavor Saver Deals and giving you a chance to save 50% OFF on all your favorite pizzas of Pizza Hut. There are 3 special deals for 2 persons, 4 persons and 6 persons. The price of Deal 1 is Rs. 685+tax and the food menu includes "1 Pizza, 4 Drumsticks, Bread Pieces and 2 Glass of Cold Drinks. Deal 2 is for 4 persons in 1345+ tax, and the menu includes the food are "2 Pizzas, 4 Drumsticks, Bread Pieces, and 1.5 Liter Jug Pack Bottle. Deal 3 is introducing for 6 persons in which 3 Pizzas, 6 Drumsticks, Bread and 6 glasses of Cold Drinks include in Rs. 1995+ taxes only. All these deals are bound to appeal so, visit your nearest Pizza Hut outlet and enjoy the Flavor Saver Deals and enjoy the price of 50% OFF on all these deals, now!