Romoss is worldwide leading in electronics, technology oriented and reliable to provide the solution for all your electronics gadget, for instance, Mobiles are one of the necessities of life, as mobile is essential to keep update around the world and what's new technology, innovation and gadgets are introduce in the globe. The other thing is the laptop, executives and people related to corporate sector will never survive without the laptop as it carries the worth data and documents and moreover, accessories which help in everyday lifestyle for comfort and relaxation. Romoss is one in all solution of your all problems, as it offers the power supply in your life when it cut off completely and when it needed more than the money and anything else.

Romoss is affiliated with 7000 mall and expand his roots more than 80 countries worldwide and still continue the name of brand and level of service. Romoss has specialized in technology and innovation of reliable gadgets some of them are Romoss Power Bank, Car Charger, Power Adapters for all mobile devices, Tablet's Charger and last but not the least laptop power bank which is the basic yet essential need of today's busy life. The mission of all these innovations, technology and strive is to deliver according to the commitments did during the time of initiative with customers. The aim of Romoss is the innovation of energy saving gadgets with new designs and high technology to charge every device and products used in everyday life.

Products offered by Romoss

Romoss Power Bank

Romoss is the worldwide best in technology and design of Power Bank for all type of mobiles (Samsung, IPhone, Lenovo, Huawei, HTC and tablets of all varieties). Romoss has different power and mAh which produce amazing charging and give power to your cellphones, smartphones, tablets and laptops and you to work more efficiently, effectively and without any hurdle. Categories of the power bank according to his mAh and capacity are Solo Series, Sailing Series, eUSB Series, Polymos Series, GT Series, Customize, Sense Series, Freemos Series, EnCase Series, Lovely Series and Q-Serie are include in Power Bank.

Romoss Car Charger

Romoss' aim is to leverage you more capacity to work freely and remotely no matter you are driving your car, doing travel around the world and anything else. The real thing is to offer you the level of comfort at any situation. So, Romoss introduce the car charger with the capacity to charge your phones, tablets, laptops and everything else. In car charger, the product of Romoss is "eUSB Ranger 95 and Ranger 17."

Romoss Charger Station

Romoss charger station is one the best charger station ever made as it offers the power of charging to your phones, tablets, laptops and anything else you can charge with it. Charger station has 8 batteries at a single time with the double portability of charging with mAh of 10,000 each battery has. Not only has this but, Elegant Design, Stain Resistance and High precision CNC digital cutting ability needed a single button to turn on the Charger Station. 

Romoss Mobile Accessories 

Accessories included in Romoss are Cable, Power Adapter and Adapter with the elegant style and fast charger help you to efficiently charge your device with double of capacity and never miss a moment, and any chance with Romoss accessories. Cables and Adapter include in it are Type-C 3.0, MFi, RoLink Hybrid and Lightning Cable.

Romoss products

Romoss Sense 4 Plus

Romoss Sense 4 Plus has an antique design, durable, best features visible on LCD screen with the power of 10,400 mAh, best to perform his duty efficiently.

Romoss Solo 5

Romoss Solo 5 is much similar to Solo 5 Plus, but Romoss Solo 5 has exclusive discount offer only on with the capacity of 10,000 mAh, high quality of Power Bank, durable, light and slim design for easy carry.

Romoss Solo 5 Plus

Romoss Solo 5 Plus is best compatible with Smartphones, IPhones, IPads and Tablets for fast and better battery timing with the power of 10,000. Romoss Solo 5 Plus is durable, sleek and stylish with fast charging capacity.

Romoss Sense 6 PLUS

Romoss Sense 6 Plus is available only on with exclusive discount offers up to 20%. Romos Sense 6 Plus has LCD screen to indicate the power capacity, status of charging, power saving mode automatically turns on after 3 minutes with 20,000 mAh.

Romoss electronics and accessories are the best which help you not to leave a single chance because of your electronic devices and gadgets. So, Romoss designs the elegant and beautiful equipment to help you out at any situation.