Samsonite founded in 1910, more than 100 years ago, when Jesse Shwayder and his brother, travel was the high-quality experience from the transportation, at that time more accessories were used to carry one's belonging from one destination to another. The journey was started, and one of the luggage and accessories Brand was used on that trip was Samsonite. The day when Samsonite Group started his journey with the mission to provide best in class luggage holder and best in quality to perform his duty well. After completing the 106 years to serve the entire world, Samsonite is known as the world largest and most recognised Brand and distributor in the luggage industry. Samsonite Group enriches with the heritage and continues the name and quality of which comes from years to years and transform into the next generation. Samsonite products are the symbol of proudly developed tradition with high-quality commodities with good in style and best in design. The tagline of Samsonite is "Life's a Journey," which means life started from travel to this place (world) and then this world to next destination, Human always move to find better opportunities or to find better realities of life. Samsonite premium quality products help those travel lovers, the finest comfort zone and best in class and quality luggage product to its clientele.

Samsonite Luggage Products

Samsonite has the broad range of trunks with attractive, comfortable and latest trending technologies to meet the changing need of lifestyle. Samsonite categorises his products for you so; you will choose best Samsonite product that will fulfil your journey's need.

1. Samsonite Travel

The first product category is Travel, where the journey of Samsonite started in 1910 during the travelling. The products include in travel are Hardside travel product and Softside travel product.

The Hardside trunk is 100% polycarbonate with scratch resistance and keeps your every trip scratch less. The Hardside trunk wheels are light weighted for effortless mobility, fully zipped divider and cross straps to increase the packing and the best thing about is side mounted TSA approved lock that ensures the security level during travelling.

The Softside trunk is rotated over four multi-directional spinner wheels for easy mobility, full features interior with pockets availability, Retractable handle for easy lifting, rubberized corner of the Softside trunk to save your essential commodities and just 14.8 lbs total weight of Softside travel trunk.

2. Samsonite Business

Samsonite Business series have comfortable yet stylish range to meet today's requirements, and the products fall into this are Laptop Bag packs, Samsonite bags, Wheeled Briefcase, Attaches, Messenger Bags and Check Point Friendly are the range include in Samsonite Business trunks.

3. Samsonite Accessories

Samsonite offers accessories too for comfort travelling without any hassle. Products include in Samsonite Accessories are Locks and tags, Luggage Straps, Toiletry and Cosmetic Kits, Packing Aids, Travel Comfort, Travel Scales, Wallets and Passport Covers, Umbrellas, Tech and RFID accessories.

4. Samsonite Duffles

Samsonite Duffles series offer durable and casual duffle for smooth travelling, large U shape; light weighted and easy to carry in hand. The products are Wheeled Duffles and Sports Duffles.

5. Samsonite Furniture

Samsonite offering furniture series for better travelling experience with foldable chairs, tables, trolleys and office chairs are included in it.

Samsonite is the World's leading yet oldest travel trunks provider to all over the world with the beautiful colour scheme and attractive design that meet all the requirements of the fashionable lifestyle. The vision of Samsonite was to become the World's most highly premium lifestyle travel brand, and now, the Samsonite becomes the symbol of travelling yet luxurious luggage brand.