So Kamal is a sister fashion brand of Kamal Limited which is Pakistan’s oldest and prime textile manufacturer since 1950. Kamal Limited is exporting home textile products to the USA, Latin America, Europe and Australia for many years now.

The So Kamal clothing brand was officially launched on July 17, 2012, and now has spread its footprints in various cities of the country with its flagship stores. The brand currently offers textile products, a wide range of various fabrics stitched and unstitched apparels under one roof.

It is one of the most stylish and demanded brand with loads of different and other than mainstream designs already being available in the market. It is making fine digital prints, floral designs with fine stitching available. So Kamal launches series of amazing clothes in each season. Sales and discounts are available to excite its buyers. Black, green off white and almost every unique colour combinations are available in stock. Digital printing, Short froks for girl wear with bottom ups are also available in stock. Upcoming series, of So Kamal in winter collection, is expected to be different and unique. The best thing about So Kamal fabric is that it is chosen from the finest cotton. It is finely stitched under the supervision of experts. Premium designs at So Kamal are giving a gateway to a new trend. It has the nicest combination of yellow, purple and black.

The brand is not only famous in Pakistan but many other countries. Outfits are also available Online. Upcoming, winter collection will be soon launching on both online and outlets. Accessories like wrap up, duppata and scarfs collection is available in stores now. It is introducing more variety on upcoming collection. All sales on So Kamal are available on stores, official outlets and sub-branches. It gives wonderful attire to wear casual wear with long, wide bottom ups. Multi- colours shirts with off-white combination have beautiful scarfs available to make them a complete comfortable package to wear. It has both winter and summer dresses throughout the season.

All the new designs are available in stock at So Kamal outlets. One can also get these dresses online via different vendors. Some of the official vendors like are giving products at reasonable price. Sale of Summer and winters always goes excellent as designs are hard to find somewhere else. Official Outlet is located in Lahore at Kayaban e Iqbal while sub-branches are available in rest of Pakistan. So Kamal is successfully delivery best clothing and extending its network in other cities available. Increasing demanding of So Kamal clothes is not compromising on its quality; rather it is making more masterpieces with every new collection. So Kamal is just not a brand but home of classy and trendy clothes.

This brand is making different fabrics at very reasonable prices with elegant designs. Things are taking a new turn by giving new designs to the market being trendsetter. The best thing about So Kamal fabric is it does not just simply copy things and apply rather it work on the quality of designs and improve them with every release. Every single design carries both decency and modern look in both casual and party wear. Soon it will now release winter collection that will be definitely a good surprise for those who are really worried about their winter look this time. This brand always works for the quality of fabric designs that distinguish them from other brands as well. All the stock in winter will be soon in stores along with all beautiful accessories.