Summer is the season of outdoor plans, trips, dining and, sweaty feet. When the heat hits in closed-toe of our feet, shoes are not a good option at all. Summer always comes with blooming shades lighter fabrics and refreshing colors. The burning heat and high temperature of our country leave us with least choice when it comes to choosing the dresses and shoes. Well, It's a time to start thinking about which trends you want to participate in this summer season. It's the perfect time to start building your summer wardrobe, so get ready to fall in love with these warm-weather styles.

There are some of the sandals that you can wear through Summer and even after harvest of summer. They go with the lock. The comfortable flat heel of these shoes can work with you all day, from the office to happy hour to dinner. Nothing squeals summer like a colorful tool. So keeping in mind some shoes are made to be worn with sundresses, denim skirts, frilly white tops, and everything else you wear during the warmer months.


The shoe range called Mules are the perfect staple for the summer, and can easily wear for day or night.
While some girls go to choose flats that are decorated with pom poms, beading, or ribbon.
So this all type of shoes are taking place as current summer shoe trend.