The Body Shop is the leading brand which is ambitious to help his customers and give them natural beauty with natural products. The Body Shop completed his 40 years of success in all over the world and ten years in Pakistan by serving with natural, original and by ethical ingredients. The Body Shop visions about the natural beauty, the real beauty which comes from the heart and glow on your face and natural beauty is more than the pretty faces. The Body Shop collects natural herbs and ingredients from the four corners of the Globe and mixes those ingredients and produces the effective and efficient Natural and Ethical products to enhance your glow and beauty naturally. One of the mission statements of The Body Shop is to create natural ingredients which are 100% vegetarian and never test on animals. The Brand Body Shop is the largest and leading natural products provider and the products collection, list of awards and other features point are as below.

The Body Shop Products

The Collection of products has the long lists which are offer to its customer in all over the world. The Body Shop offers Face products, Body products, Long-lasting Fragrances, Makeup products, Gifts, Hair solution and many other ranges.

1- Face Products

The Face is the reflection of our heart and beauty, if the real beauty is in your heart, then it undoubtedly reflects from your face. The Body Shop offers the complete natural solution for your face and the products includes are Cleansers and toners, Correctors and Blemishes, Eye Care, Exfoliates and Masks, Lip Care products, Products for Men, Moisturisers, Night Care products, Sun Protection natural products, Targeted Treatments, washes and Makeup removers.

2- Body Products

The Body products are divided into three portions, one is Bath and Shower, second is Hands, and third is Feet, and then according to these categories introduces the products furthermore.

A- Bath and Shower

In Bath and Shower series, The Body Shop has the full solution for Bath and Shower as the products range are Body Butter, Bath Treats, Body and Massage, Bronzing, Lotion, Scrubs, Natural Soaps, Spa and Body Treatments.

B- Hands Solution

The Body Shop has the complete solution in natural ingredients, and products start from to wash your hand to moisturisers, Nail Varnish and hand treatment products are included.

C- The Body Shop Feet Solution

In this category, the products are Spoon Foot File, Moisture Socks, Peppermint Reviving Leg Gel, Peppermint Cooling Foot Spray, Hemp Hard Working Foot Protection and foot butter for better and beautiful feet.

3- The Body Shop Fragrances

The Fragrances series are for Men, Women, Body Mists, Eau De Perfume, Eau De Toilette and Fragrance Candles.

4. Makeup Products

The Body Shop Products are 100% natural and ethical products and introduce the makeup products which will ensure your beauty perfectly and protect from the pollution and harmful things. The Makeup products are BB Cream, Bronzing, and Cheeks solution, Foundations and Concealers and Primers. For Eyes care, products are Eyeliners and Eyebrows, Eyeshades, Mascara and many other products for Lips and Nails too.

5. The Body Shop Gifts

The Gifts are also offers by The Body Shop which categories by price range, by Recipient (Him and Her), By Occasionally and many different gifts categories are available at The Body Shop Outlet.

The Body Shop Awards

The Body Shop is not leading by his words, but these will be disclosed by the awards he won in his life circle and still achieving the higher path as Original, Natural and ethical ingredients provider in the World. The Body Shop is the first International Cosmetic award winning brand as followed the policy of Against Animal Testing. The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA), award winner for the second time, and continued his natural journey by committed for Animal Welfare. The Body Shop attained Lifetime Achievement Award from UK-based Animal Welfare Charity in 2009. These are some awards mentions here to expound the value and incredible reality about The Body Shop.

The Body Shop is one of his kind distributors in all over the World and especially in Pakistan who offers 100% vegetarian, natural and ethical products. The Body Shop not only enriches the people of the world but animals and plants too.