The Urban Cafe Yoglicious re-launching his outlet in Gulberg 3 Lahore, and the opening date of Cafe is 20th December 2016, today. The Urban Cafe has his outlet in Gulberg 3 but was closed because of any reason but now, today at 7 pm it's reopened after a long time. The Urban Cafe feasts his valued customers to come and join in this celebration and taste the rich food on Urban Cafe once again in 48-A, Ghalib Road, Block C-2, Gulberg 3, Lahore.

The Urban Cafe Yoglicious founded in June 29th, 2013 and offering different food varieties in Breakfast, Lunch, Tea-Time, Supper, Dinners, Desserts, Coffee and Premium Low Fat Froyo. The Urban Cafe has offered Hot Desserts such as Molten Lava and Sizzling Brownies. Visit The Urban Cafe Yoglicious and indulge with the re-launching, onward from 7 pm and celebrate the happiness, today!