The Working Woman is a brand that designed clothes for every working woman. Either you talk about housewife, girls and working lady. The Pakistani working woman shows the way manifold lives and continually changes roles. She has positioned the ingot high for herself. She struggles every day to be a helpful daughter, loving sister, ground-breaking professional, devoted mother, dedicated wife, sculpts daughter in law, and a good pal. She can be so many things only because she is strong determination. She will neither evade her accountability as a home-engineer (the appropriate term for house-wife) nor will her negotiation on her craving to trail her mania.

The Working Woman understands that time is an opulence of which she has expensive little. She cannot afford to throw away it skirmishing with unreliable dazzles or fumble all the way through bazaars for clothes that could overtake as work attire. She needs a trusted name that understands her needs, puts her comfort first and makes her life simple.
The Working Woman is practical. She requires smart casuals that are fashionable yet functional; designs that not only fit into the civilization but reproduce its wealth; structures that do not attract unwanted attention yet enhance her persona. She needs stylishness that is slight. 
The Working Woman loves a good bargain. She demands both quality and quantity - rejecting the same cooperation she decline to make in other feature of her life; attire which tells the world she is constantly approaching onward, yet she does not go away her values and traditions behind. She needs a wardrobe that is sensible.