Valentine Day is the name of love, the month of happiness, February is coming in few days. All lovebirds are anxiously waiting for it. The Valentine’s day which is on the 14th Feb 2018 every year, The week of expressing love start from 7th Feb and its end on 14th Feb. The week is also known as the romantic week or love week. Love is not for any specific person, you can express your love for your mother, for your father, for your wife or anyone. The first day starts on Tuesday 7th February. Below is the full list of Valentine's week 2018.


Rose Day: Tuesday 7th February 2018

Propose Day: Wednesday 8th February 2018

Chocolate Day: Thursday 9th February 2018

Teddy Day: Friday 10th February 2018

Promise Day: Saturday 11th February 2018

Hug Day: Sunday 12th February 2018

Hangout Day: Monday 13th February 2018

Valentine’s Day: Tuesday 14th February 2018


Rose Day:

In the first day of Valentines, you can express your love for someone special through the rose. Most of the lovers use red rose to express his/her love and feeling for the loved one. Red rose is a symbol of love, and it is the perfect for the first day of love week. Best Friends use to give yellow roses for their strong relationship and everyone knows the Yellow rose is the symbol of friendship.


Propose Day:

Propose day is the second day of Valentine’s Day, on this day you can propose to your loved ones and you can tell about your feelings for him/her. Ambiance plays a very important role. If you are serious about marriage then this day is better for the proposal. Mostly young people celebrate this day. They stand on their knees and organize a violin music and proposes their loved ones with rings and flowers.


Chocolate Day:

On the third day, you can give chocolates to your loved ones and spread happiness. There is no boundary line you can give chocolates to your girlfriend, brother, father, sister, mother or anyone else. You can give bundles of chocolates with heart shapes. I think this is the best way to express your feelings and love for somebody.


Teddy Day:

On the fourth day, you can present the gift to her/him of the teddy bear. Mostly girls love the stuffed toy and they decorate their rooms with teddy bears. Teddies are the romantic gift for girls. They can cuddle with it and play with it. On the valentines, fourth-day lovers give small and big teddy to their loved ones.


Promise Day:

It is the fifth day of Valentine's week, lovers make promises for their long-lasting relationships. They make promises to live together and never fight with each other, which is the basic need of a strong relationship. It is the softest part of a relationship when you promise with your lover and trust him/her blindly. This commitment will give you some life goals to live happily with each other.


Hug Day:

On this sixth day, you can express your feelings by hugging your near and dear ones. People hug each other and these moments make also happiness on other faces. These are the priceless moments. The lovers tightly hug each other and they show its affection that you are not alone, I am always with you in the tough time of life. Wherever you are, I never leave you alone.


Hangout Day:

It is the seventh day of this love week, in this day you can go with your friends to chill out, watch movies, go for dinner and give quality time to your loved ones and best buddies. It is the best way to share your feelings with your family and friends and capturing good memories. Hangout day is also known as the fun day, you can do fun all day and exchanges gifts. Shopping and giving the gift is the best way to keep close. When you spend the whole day with your family, your husband, your wife, with your best friend, girlfriend, boyfriend then you can easily understand each other and know about likes and dislikes of each other. You will feel relax and easily decide your future goals with each other.


Valentine’s Day:

And finally, the main big day which is on the 14th February 2018. On which you can spend the whole time with your loved one to make him/her feel special. Because time is the most precious thing to give someone. On this day you can express your love with different gift packs, diamond and gold rings, watches, jewellery, dresses, perfumes, crystal decoration pieces and many other things. You can send valentine messages, images, videos and wishes. SMS is also the best way to show your love, you can send some friendship poetry and love quotes. You can write caring and loving status on this day whom you care.