Explore YELLOW and seen through windows for modern global craze trends.YELLOW an original international brand, illustrious for its true global excellence designs and fabrics. They are enthused by their customers - spirit full of eccentric fashion sanityYellow began the constant journey in 2004 and since then they offered surplus designs and amazing quality at an astonishing price. Yellow product line includes a broad range of trend clothes, scent, and accessories for men, women and children; textiles for home ornament; ultramodern ceramic items; paintings; books; and much more.  Yellow currently have four stores in Pakistan with three in service in Karachi (Dolmen Mall Clifton | Dolmen Mall Tariq Road | Zamzama) and one in Lahore (9C MM Alam Road). The fifth yellow store is under construction at Amanah Mall, Model Town Link Road, Lahore.Yellow fetches to you the newest trend at within your means prices an elite clothing line to remain your diversion burly with the freshest attire hallway all the occasion! Assembly the trendiest outfit and the coolest looks of the term entirely achievable!